We carry out our activities in a responsible way, committed with environmental care and the people with whom we interact.

We continuously work on improving our integrated management system based on the organization's policy.


identificación de peligros

We maintain a systematic identification of hazards,

carrying out the pertinent risk assessments and taking the necessary actions to control them. Likewise, we improve our processes, designing and adapting them to the standards and requirements in terms of safety, health, and the environment.

cultura preventiva

Aiming to consolidate a preventive and sustainable culture,

we reaffirm the commitment at all levels of the organization, promoting participation and teamwork

Política Integrada

Integrated Policy

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Health and safety of our people, visitors and suppliers is essential to us. A safe environment is daily built through teamwork within a culture of prevention and a committed leadership.

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We take care of our environment, being responsible for our activities, preventing pollution, focusing on the sustainability of what we do and considering our people and the community we belong to

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We have an open-door culture, conveying the concept of family to the workplace, where each of our collaborators and their representatives has their space, voice, and capacity for action for the benefit of the system that we integrate

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We are opposed to any illegal act or activity. We strongly defend the legality established by the authorities for each procedure we develop. We are convinced that the sustainability of our business is also based on the respect of the rules and the articulation between all the actors of the system in which we operate

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We meet the national and international established standards; we defend good practices and support the legality of the processes.

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We are constantly seeking to improve. We analyze, review, and improve our processes by strengthening our management system, with the aim of being increasingly efficient and effective.

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Our constant processes review, continuous improvement and technological application significantly reduce the risks in the different areas of our activity.

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We ensure the traceability of our operations to identify potential failures and their effects. We permanently incorporate technology, software, and processes. We are responsible for our actions and we achieve full traceability of them, always ensuring the best response in each instance.